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See yourself in our Video

Posted in Wedding by Greg on the March 9th, 2007

I have finally gotten around to ripping our wedding video from DVD to avi. It is about 700mb, if you have a good connection you should be able to pull it down at about 75-200 kbs in about 1-2 hours. I will also rerip it at a lower resolution for a smaller file size later. Get it here. Right click and save as to prevent your media player from trying to open it remotely.

more pictures than you want to look at

Posted in Wedding by Greg on the January 15th, 2007

After several upload sessions:

No longer in flash, so you can download your favorites :)

Slideshow from the wedding

Posted in Wedding by Greg on the September 15th, 2006

Wedding slideshow? Yes, it happened, I got married on the 12th of August.  This slideshow is the one that was shown during dinner at the wedding. There are also links to more pictures.  Later (as soon as i get them) I will be sure to put up the photos from the wedding itself.  In the meantime, beware the 150 mb powerpoint monster.


Links to more

cutting the cake