Still Not A Blog


Posted in Misc by Greg on the December 10th, 2006

I’ve noticed when riding in cars with my friends and family that very few people properly configure their mirrors.  Especially side mirrors.  It seems that most people point their side mirrors straight down the side of the car. As a result, they have duplicate coverage of areas behind the car, and dont see areas next to the car.  To compensate, people peer over their shoulders when changing lanes.  That really isnt necessary, when the mirrors are properly setup only a slight turn of the head is necessary to check directly next to the car.  I made a little diagram to illustrate proper configuration.  The left mirror in the diagram is badly configured, the right side is good.  The idea is to see as far to the left and the right as possible.  You should be able to watch a car that is passing you transition from the rear view mirror into your side view mirror. Try it out, it’ll make lane changes easier.



The left mirror is duplicating coverage from the rear view mirror


Google Analytics

Posted in Misc by Greg on the September 15th, 2006

I installed Google Analytics on my sites some time ago as an experiment.  Analytics collects information and web stats.  Number of visits, page views, browser version, etc…  What has turned out to be my favorite stat is location.  And the geomap view of location.  It is fun to see what corners of the world i get vists from.  See for yourself, click on the map:


No, it’s not a blog

Posted in Misc by greg on the May 26th, 2006

Truth be told, im not sure what, if anything, I will use this site for.  I just wanted to try out the wordpress install on this new domain.  Perhaps I will port the content from over to here and use this instead.  We will see…