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Cryogenic Sleepchamber in Spaceship…….errr getting an MRI

Posted in health by Greg on the April 26th, 2007

Back in September, I managed to injure my back while moving in to our apartment in Brooklyn. It turns out that repeatedly carrying 150 lbs up stairs by yourself isn’t a good idea. Additionally, it is not a good idea to take air conditioners out of windows after suffering an injury moving. Nor is it smart to crouch, hide, and ambush nephews after those 2 injuries. Bike riding, also has a negative effect. Anyways, after 7 months of repeated injuries and pain I went to see a new doctor to find out what was really going on. I had told my first doctor that I wanted an x-ray and MRI, but he had refused. After informing him that I have 2.5 doctor-in-laws, and that it would be foolish of me to try to go home without testing, he told me that he knew exactly what was wrong with me (herniated disc) and didn’t need, or want, to do any testing. The very first thing my new doctor wanted to do was an x-ray. This x-ray showed that I have a fractured vertebrae in my lumbar spine. Next thing he did was send me to get an MRI. It was very relaxing. I had to lay perfectly still for 30 minutes in a chamber that must be terrible for the claustrophobic. There were only a few inches on each side of me. I imagined that i was in deep freeze on a long space voyage…. :) What I didnt expect, was how very loud the machine was. Despite that I almost fell asleep several times, only to be awakened by the technician announcing over a speaker how long the next phase of the test would be. Dam him for ruining my nap, haha. I scanned two of the MRI films and have them below. Basically they show a herniated disc. Luckily, no serious damage from my fracture (though i should have given myself more time to heal). Physical therapy for a few months, and I should be 100%.