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Posted in stupid by Greg on the June 12th, 2007

I dont usually participate in these things, but when Delara asks, Delara gets :)

Seven random things chosen entirely non-randomly:

1. I have every episode of star trek ever. That’s right, all 704 episodes. Yes, the 10 movies too.

future enterprise d

2. I dream of an ’89 Supra an averge of twice a week. I used to have this car and loved it.

1989 toyota supra

3. I was on cnbc back when i worked for the geeksquad. I realize that geeksquad is now a crappy unit of bestbuy. But, once upon a time, they were awesome. See it here

4. I once threw my shoes into a river in kazakhstan.


5. I attended the opening of the bahai terraces in haifa.


6. I think chicago/NYC winters are mild

7. I broke my leg after being hit by machinery while working in a freezer


The Pedestrian Avenger gets a Battle Scar

Posted in stupid by Greg on the May 24th, 2007

High on my list of irritants is red-light-running cars that drive through crosswalks while I am attempting to walk across them. A frequent occurance as I am walking around in NY, it annoys me to no end. This has caused me to develop a certain habit which not only gives me great satisfaction, but also discourages drivers from repeating this behavior (i hope). This habit involves reaching out as a car passes inches from me in the crosswalk and slapping the side mirror of the car. Usually this results in a loud noise, the mirror folding into the car and a startled driver. Now, this past weekend, Lacey was in town visiting. (which was a great deal of fun) Lacey, Naseem and I were walking around midtown on our way to MOMA after spending some time lounging in central park. We were waiting at an intersection when the light changed, and we got a walk signal. I started across the crosswalk when a taxi ran the light and passed in front of me. As I am apt to do, I hit his mirror as he went by. This time, instead of folding in, the mirror fell off the car. The taxi stopped. I decided it was a good time to continue walking and went past the corner. The taxi driver jumped out of his car and ran after me, catching up and grabbing my arm. He started swearing something incomprehensible at me and I yanked my arm away from him. After telling him he that he ran a red light and hit me in the crosswalk, I turned away and continued walking. He grabbed my arm once more but I shrugged it off and kept going. I knew that if i just kept moving away from his taxi, he would be forced to choose between yelling at me and abandoning his taxi in the middle of the street in Manhattan. And so he was forced to retreat and I continued on my way with a somewhat shocked Lacey and Naseem. Later as we were walking, I looked down and noticed that the inside of my elbow was all scratched up and slightly bloody from the taxi drivers grabbing my arm. Nothing like a good Battle scar :)