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Posted in work by Greg on the November 10th, 2006

It is decided.  I’m calling my business Computer-Ninjas.  Cat like speed and reflexes.  Stealthly troubleshooting.  Deadly when they want to be. Computer problems beware. Launching in Brookyln:





The New HighTechLegion

Posted in work by Greg on the November 8th, 2006

I’ve decided to try to drum up some business for my company, hightechlegion.  As I have been considering various avenues of advertisement, I came to the realization that I need a new name for the company.  hightechlegion is just to unwieldy.  Too many people have difficulty spelling it.  Time for something easier.  Now the trick is finding something that has a free URL.  So far the front runners in my mind are and  I know a lot of you out there are creative.  How about some ideas?  I’ll give you naming honors on the website :)

Poll – Trivial Pursuit

Posted in play by Greg on the November 2nd, 2006

What did Ted Kennedy wear around his neck at the funeral of Mary Jo Kopechne?  Acceptable answers?  See the poll to the right.  The outcome of a Trivial Pursuit one-on-one showdown between me and Naseem hangs in the balance.  This is the picture from the funeral linked to by wikipedia.