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Goodbye T-Mobile Hello EDAW

Posted in work by Greg on the December 27th, 2006

This morning I went to the offices of EDAW and signed an offer letter.  I am their new IT guy for the NYC office.  After a few months with t-mobile, I am back in the computer biz : )  I’ve been looking for a tech job since before I started with t-mobile.  After a slow initial search, in the last couple of weeks several promising leads culminated into offers from 3 companies last week.  Luckily, the one that offered me the most money was also the one that had the best vibe, making for an easy choice.  I am not sad to lead t-mobile.  Not that I had a bad time there,  the holiday season certainly makes for lucrative commisions, and I made some good friends.  But, I am glad to leave retail behind (again).  Anyways, I get the next 11 days off, and then i start my new job. 





Posted in play by Greg on the December 23rd, 2006


Posted in Misc by Greg on the December 10th, 2006

I’ve noticed when riding in cars with my friends and family that very few people properly configure their mirrors.  Especially side mirrors.  It seems that most people point their side mirrors straight down the side of the car. As a result, they have duplicate coverage of areas behind the car, and dont see areas next to the car.  To compensate, people peer over their shoulders when changing lanes.  That really isnt necessary, when the mirrors are properly setup only a slight turn of the head is necessary to check directly next to the car.  I made a little diagram to illustrate proper configuration.  The left mirror in the diagram is badly configured, the right side is good.  The idea is to see as far to the left and the right as possible.  You should be able to watch a car that is passing you transition from the rear view mirror into your side view mirror. Try it out, it’ll make lane changes easier.



The left mirror is duplicating coverage from the rear view mirror